AI Digital Health Platform Addressing Clinical Development Needs

Appiell is an emerging digital health company that brings precision and efficiency to the clinical development market by leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced image capture technology to improve how clinical trials are enrolled, managed and monitored.

Our AI platform powers the first-of-its kind self-assessment tool to address aesthetic and skincare needs – providing consumers with instant assessments and treatment recommendations.

Appiell Platform Serves

Clinical Trial Management

Today, over $60 billion is outsourced each year to clinical research organizations for the administration of clinical trials; 10-20% of this spend is focused on digital clinical trial software platforms to reduce speed and cost

  • Access patient analytics data for product research
  • Manage remote clinical trials (screening, imaging, monitoring)
  • Leverage platform for clinical research projects, including
  • artificial intelligence exploratory endpoints

Medical Practices

Over 120,000 U.S. based medical practitioners providing over 35 million aesthetic treatments each year; facing increased competition medical practices are seeking innovations to help connect with younger patients

  • Reach new patients through the Appiell platform
  • Monitor patient conditions and treatment progress remotely
  • Communicate with patients, including appointment notifications and progress updates

Beauty Consumers

Over 1 billion global beauty consumers actively using beauty and medical applications; concerned about their skin, want to know treatment options and cares about the cost of treatments

  • Objective assessment of skin conditions through the convenience of your mobile device
  • Personalized treatment suggestions based on AI skin diagnostics
  • Continuously monitor treatment progress through your mobile device


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