Radically decrease
time and cost
– the Smart Choice!

We help the clinical development market solve pain points and process inefficiencies of trial management via our multi-faceted software platform SMARTtrial

Digital and Decentralized

SMARTtrial’s management portal and patient app seamlessly connect all trial participants remotely.  The platform is extremely easy to use and is built with reminders and notifications throughout the entire journey to ensure high rates of patient retention and compliance.

Patient App

Connects patients to clinical trials remotely with native iOS and Android apps

Video / Photo Diaries

Combines with compliance and adverse event reporting modules to ensure accurate data collection

Clinician & Study Management Portal

Enables site-based staff conveniently setup, screen, enroll and enter patient data in a user-friendly format; view real-time patient data and leverage analytics

Comprehensive Clinical Trial Management Platform

SMARTtrial offers a comprehensive clinical trial management solution with a series of unique, innovative features:

Eligibility Screening

Pre-screening tools to help expedite patient recruitment and enrollment

eDiary, Image Capture, Surveys

Advanced image capture technology to reduce need for expensive office-based photography and frequent follow-up office visits

Notifications / Reminders

Adverse event monitoring to allow for accurate and timely reporting of side effects and medical complications

Real-Time Data Capture

Real-time data collection and management with AI predictive modeling for exploring secondary endpoints


Video capture e-diaries and patient compliance monitoring to ensure patients adhere to strict clinical trial protocols


Looking at SMARTtrial compared to the current state of clinical trial management

  • Fewer in-office patient visits
  • Reduced staff time and workload
  • 24/7 real-time access to patient data results
  • Video / photo capture EVERY patient event to document patient compliance
  • Lower project costs by more that 60%
  • Decreased cost of capturing high quality images between office visit intervals
  • Adverse event monitoring & reporting tools


“Using Appiell, we completed enrollment of over 100 patients in less than three months, which is the same amount of time it took us to do 10 before. I am very grateful to the Appiell team.”

Lyra Olson, PhD, Physician Scientist, Atomic VC