When aging, your eyebrows are the first thing that starts sagging. It gets irritating to see yourself over-aged even when you haven’t crossed your 40s. But, currently, many medical treatments can help you lift your brows and make you look younger.

BOTOX is one of them! Yes, you heard it right.

Most dermatologists suggest women with puffy or saggy eyes get botox injections to elevate the height of their eyebrows. 

If you’re one of them and want to know every intricate detail of the procedure, we can help you. This guide will reveal some important information on a botox brow lift.

Botox Brow Lift: A Short Overview

A botox brow lift can be defined as a non-surgical medical treatment where “Botox” or botulinum toxin is injected via IM injections into or around your eyebrows. It creates a visible lift in the brows that ultimately reduces the signs of aging.

This treatment is also famous for removing the frown lines between your brows. It can help you get rid of swollen, tired-looking eyebrows. Elevating the height of your brows is another reason to get these botox injections.

The major principle on which botox injections work to lift your brows is by relaxing the eyebrow muscles. These underlying muscles get stretched due to increasing age. Thus, when you get botox injections, your forehead muscles will help pull up the relaxed eyebrow muscles. This whole process results in lifted brows.

Working of the Botox Lift Process

It would not be wrong to call botox neuromodulator injections as they normalize the relaxing situation of muscles under our eyelids. However, there are specific areas around your eyes where you can get botox injections.

The process helps in freezing the muscles under and around your eyes. This freezing mechanism of muscles allows brows to lift and smooth wrinkles to give you a younger look.

The forehead muscles are responsible for maintaining the contractibility of your eyebrow muscles. Thus, injecting botulinum toxin can help increase forehead muscles’ ability to stretch your eyebrows.

Aestheticians mainly use a thin-needle injection to inject a specified amount of botox into the skin of targeted areas. The condition of wrinkles around your brows decides the number of units/doses of botox injections.

However, a normal person is expected to get at least four to six units of botox injections to see a visible lift in the brows. The overall botox brow lift procedure takes only 30 minutes to complete.

Amazing Benefits of Botox Eyebrow Lift

Botox brow lifts are getting popular day by day. All this is due to its increasing benefits for the overall face look. Some advantages that make people get botox brow lifts are given as under:

1.    Non-Surgical Process

Many women are always afraid of getting surgeries done, particularly regarding sensitive parts like under the eyes. Thus, the best way to treat your swollen or aged eyes is to get botox treatment from a professional practitioner.

In contrast to the surgical facelift, botox brow lift plays a leading role in helping you deal with aging signs. You can get your treatment and start your normal tasks right after it. You won’t need to remain in the hospital or clinic for extra care.

2.    Rapid Results

Another amazing benefit of botox brow lift is that it boosts the results in no time. As it’s an anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatment, you’ll get rapid results after getting it from a professional.

However, the effects of this treatment can last up to six months. Thus, there is no need for you to get regular treatments for lifting your brows after a few months.

3.    Gives you Subtle Eyebrows

In addition to the above benefits, subtle eyebrows are another plus point of getting eyebrow botox injections. Besides lifting, these injections play an important role in reshaping your brows.

There is no need for you to get surgery or any other treatment. Botox injections are more than enough to enhance the natural features of your eyebrow muscles. It will end up creating a softer look on your face.

4.    Treat Dynamic Wrinkles

Here comes another demanding benefit of botox brow lift. In addition to lifting the shape of your eyebrows, you can expect a reduction of dynamic wrinkles on your face with these treatments.

You can even combine other procedures, such as blepharoplasty, for better results. There will be no frown lines on your face. You will have a smooth look without saggy eyes or wrinkles.

What Should You Expect During Your Procedure?

A botox brow lift is one of the most rapid procedures to get perfect results for your brows. But, before stepping into the procedure, you need to conduct a meeting with your consultant or dermatologist. During the consultation, you must discuss the potential risks, the duration, the frequency, and most importantly, the overall cost.

However, there can be a little discomfort during the botox brow treatment. But, your consultant will apply an anesthetic cream to reduce this discomfort. The anesthetic cream’s effect will last only 30 minutes to one hour.

There are some practices to follow after your treatment. You must avoid rubbing or messaging the areas where you had the botox. This practice will prevent the toxin from spreading to other areas. In this way, you’ll get visible results in a shorter time

Whom to Trust to Get Your Brow Lift Done?

Lifted and perfect eyebrows are the secret to a youthful appearance. The above guide can help you get the right botox brow lift from a professional aesthetician.

Botox brow lifts need to be performed by a provider with experience with this procedure. You shouldn’t consider the cheapest provider simply because of the lost cost. Look for qualified, trained, certified, and fully insured practitioners. Medical qualification is a minimum requirement. 

If you struggle to get in touch with a reliable consultant, you can trust Appiell for all your skin needs. Appiell can help you find practitioners near you who are a good fit.