Skincare and body fitness is among the most important things people are concerned about. But, you can ruin your freshly taken cosmetic treatment with unbalanced exercise. In such a case, you must know how long you’ll have to refrain from exercise.

The condition can also make your skin a disaster if you don’t maintain a steady balance between exercise hours and skin treatments.

Yes, this is what happens!

So, to avoid ruining your skin even after investing hundreds of dollars in different skin treatments, you must prevent exercising for a particular duration. The guide below lets you know the duration to avoid exercise after certain cosmetic treatments.

1. Fillers

Are you tired of wrinkles on your face or looking aged even if you’re young? Dermal fillers are everything you need to make your skin look young and fresh. The majority of the dermal fillers are infections that provide the best solutions for problems regarding dullness around the eyes, mouth, and nose.
But, wait:

If you’re a gym-going person and have planned to get lip fillers, liquid rhinoplasty, or even tear trough fillers, you must take some precautions once you get your treatment done. You aren’t supposed to practice exercise for about 24 hours.

The primary reason to avoid exercise after getting fillers is to prevent skin bruising. It has been noticed that exercise increases the heart rate to a considerable extent. This increased heart rate improves the blood supply to your skin, causing bruising.

That is why; make sure to wait for at least 24 hours after fillers to practice exercise again. It can help you get better results for facial rejuvenation. Also, you’re not allowed to touch or rub the targeted area for about 2-4 hours after treatment. It will help in absorbing the injected serum for a particular time.

2. Botox

Besides the wrinkles around your eyes and mouth, most people have loose skin in the forehead area. Thus, to cure this, Botox seems like the best treatment you can apply. It involves using botulinum which is an A-type toxin. Also, you can get this treatment to cure excessive migraines and sweating.

Regardless of the visible positive effects of Botox on the facial skin, it is suggested not to practice exercise for about 24 hours.

Exercising after getting your Botox treatment is known for increasing the pressure on the injection site. Also, it helps in increasing your cardiac rate, which isn’t a good factor for your Botox. The increased blood flow can also move the injected Botox dose from the targeted site to the other parts of your face. This condition will result in insufficient results.

An important fact to know!

You’re not supposed to move much when you get Botox treatment for tightened skin. During exercises, your whole body performs harsh movements, which are not good for the treatment results. You also need to take care of your diet. Some practices include avoiding wine and taking blood thinners.

3. Chemical Peels

Having dead skin cells hinders your skin from glowing properly and stimulating the proper growth of proper and healthy skin cells. This condition is alarming since it can cause a dull complexion and freckles all over your face. Thus, most people go for skin peel treatment in such scenarios. It removes the dead skin layer and improves the growth of healthy cells.

Want to know more? Here you go!

Skin peeling takes a bit longer to recover properly. That is why people with their skin peeled aren’t allowed to visit the gym for about 2-3 days. The primary reason for avoiding the gym is that exercise disrupts new skin cells.

Besides, the chances of inflammation on your skin increase twofold if you practice exercise right after skin peeling treatment. However, the healing period for every person’s skin is different. So, the duration to avoid exercise will also vary depending on the healing duration.

Excessive sweat from the sweat glands of your face can also irritate the skin, leaving it blistered. This can also cause long-term scarring on your face. That is why make sure to avoid exercising exercise after skin peels.

4. Microneedling

Most women concerned about looking young without considering age always get treatments for stretched face skin. Among these treatments, microneedling is also an important procedure that involves pricking your face’s skin with sterilized needles.

The major purpose of pricking the skin with needles is to enhance the amount of collagen and elasticity. Production of these proteins greatly helps in healing skin problems or regular bruises. Thus, as a result of microneedling, you’ll start looking younger than your age.

But, the combination of exercise and microneedling doesn’t sound good for the perfect results of your investment. This collagen induction therapy works best only when your skin recovers fully from the pricks caused by needles.

It has been noticed that exercising after microneedling mainly results in the redness or swelling of your skin. This practice can cause some serious circumstances on your face looks. Thus, avoid exercising for at least 48 to 72 hours after the microneedling session.

Besides swelling, exercise can also cause bruising all over your face. This condition will become extremely painful for the person.


Everyone wants crystal clear skin, but very few believe in taking precautions after getting their treatment done. This can make you face the worst conditions for your skin, especially when you don’t avoid exercise after cosmetic treatments.

In the above guide, we have highlighted the dos and don’ts of exercising after different cosmetic treatments. Make sure to read them to get better results in no time.